FAQ and Information

FAQ and Information

How do I book an appointment with you?

All Bookings can be made via Email. bookings for Wellington, NZ can also be made through the shop Ninjaflower. these booking require a deposit, any questions regarding the deposits will be answered by the shop.

When i am working in Wellington or Berlin you can also meet with me in Person. but note that usually i do not need to have a consultation. we can sus everything out via Email.

Do I need to deposit money to start the process?

Wellington, NZ requires a deposit. Any questions regarding this can be answerd by the shop Ninjaflower. the deposit will be paid to the shop.

For all my other Guestspots and for when i am in Berlin i do not take deposits.

Can you design for me a original sketch?

All my work is custom work. I only adapt work by other artist when i have the feeling that it suits my style. But this gets less and less.

I am not making designs to be tattooed by other Tattooist.

Do you love cats?